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GLASURIT paints: paints for cars and refinish solutions.

Professional solutions and highest quality. Combining these two success factors made Glasurit the leading brand in the field of car and commercial vehicle paints.

Glasurit paints dedicates its efforts in offering only the best solutions. For this purpose, it constantly updates its range of products and services, so that your garage is prepared for the future. It offers all kind of products to do with car paint and innovative services in order to obtain excellent results, tools that never stop being improved to obtain a quick and reliable colour mix. A wide range of services and consultancy that help detect any savings or development potential, and last but not least a complete schooling programme distributed through a worldwide training network.

As a result of this reliability and high quality in all aspects of Glasurit paints , the car paint products from Glasurit have been approved for its use by virtually every major vehicle manufacturer worldwide.

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